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  • About Us

    Aapkabima is the trusted name for those who want to avail insurance policies from the reputed firms operating in India. Our IRDAI certification states that we are the most proficient team to seek insurance related consultation and find the best plans as per your requirement.

    Over the years, we have developed a unique team of experts from different backgrounds so as to make insurance policies simpler for everyone. It is us who have made this venture extremely simple and easy to accomplish for the common people with diverse needs. Our constant support and supervision have led our customers to choose, review, claim, and renew insurance in a righteous way.

    How do we do it?

    Our prime motto is to make insurance policies easily understandable and simpler for our customers. It is our persistent assistance that will pave the way to find the best insurance policies provided by a reputed firm. Our suggestions and education will make you understand what you need to choose and how to secure the future.

    • Making POS

      Our Platform has capability to make Insurance agent with best training module.

      • Register to become POS
      • Start Training
      • Get the Certificate
      • Earn as much as you want
    • Buying Insurance

      Our algorithms find and rank plans that best suit your individual needs.

      • Algorithms that match plans to your specific needs
      • Tie-ups with 40+ insurance companies
      • Get a pre-negotiated highest discount
    • Managing Insurance

      An experienced team of insurance experts are always available for your assistance. The My Account feature gives you full control of your policy. You can:

      • Request a change in policy
      • File a claim
      • Instant Renewal of your policy
    • Claim Settlement

      We provide end-to-end support for claims. Right from filing claims to the final claim settlement

      • Free exclusive 3-day Express Claims Service for car insurance
      • India's first Free Nominee Assistance program to help term insurance customers

    The people behind ABC

    Rajesh Kumar Rassewat

    Whole time Director

    A stalwart in the insurance and sales industry for 15+ years, Rajesh is the prime pillar of our technical and sales team. Since 1991, his career never took a wild turn. He has gathered immense experience while working with the leading brands in FMCG, car insurance, car loans, general insurance, etc. His adept knowledge in almost all the domains of different insurance sectors makes him the right person to head a team of experts.

    Rajesh Chug


    Another Rajesh in our team, he is a versatile person with a huge experience in the real estate sector. Rajesh has been the first choice as a team member due to his 15 years of diverse experience in the real estate segment. He is well aware of the home loans and insurance segments.

    Join Aapkabima team

    If you are passionate to work and serve people in this industry then contact Aapkabima for the best platform to gain experience.