Car Insurance

Save upto 80% on Car Insurance

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Car Insurance

With years of experience in helping individuals to buy Car insurance, you can always rely on the policies of Aapkabima. Special individual care is shown in buying for you a Car Insurance Policy, with maximum benefits paying minimum Premium.

  • Tell your Car Number and where it is used
  • Make, Model, New Car or Old Car, Usage for Personal or Commercial
  • Year of Manufacture
  • Whether you have an existing Car Insurance Policy etc.

Importance of Car Insurance in India

There is a reason why the Government has made it mandatory for every person to have his/her vehicle insured as it is your duty to make sure that car insurance is also being provided along with your most cherished set of wheels.

In case your car causes destruction and damage to anybody else’s vehicle or an injury to a 3rd party that is not related to you, then you are required to pay for damages and injury. At Aapkabima, inclusive motor insurance is offered to the clients that also cover any damages to your car as well as injuries you suffer in an accident. Not only it guarantees your vehicle’s safety but also assists you in handling the medical expenses for your injury as well.

How to save on Car Insurance Premium

There are certain points to be noted when taking Car Insurance and save a lot of bucks:

Expert advice

There are many Insurance Companies offering Car Insurance Policies with different benefits. Select the right Insurance Company, with the Guidance of our experts.

Insured Declared Value (IDV)

This is the Sum Assured fixed by the Insurance Company, based on different factors like age of the Car. At times of total loss or theft, this is the amount of compensation payable by the Insurance Company.

Third Party Insurance coverage

full details about the covers, additions, and exclusions should be ascertained before taking a Policy.

Other benefits

Comprehensive Coverage details and additional covers for better protection should be obtained. Inclusions and Exclusions for making Claims.

Benefits of Car Insurance Renewal through ABC

True to the traditions of Aapkabima in keeping the Customer Service as First Priority, you can depend upon our following Services:

Claim assistance

We offer you a hassle-free and simple car insurance claim settlement process.

Best Customer service

Aapkabima has a dedicated team that considers the grievances and settles the problems of its clients within a matter of minutes.

Smart Application

One of the major benefits provided by our company is that you are offered actual reminders on time. This way, you can always stay updated and never miss out on the correct time of add-ons offer and insurance renewal.


Last but not least, renew your car insurance policy at Aapkabima in order to get an absolute sense of security. Not only it saves your time and a lot of bucks but also gives you the confidence to drive around and not getting panicked about the thoughts of an accident’s financial implications.

Two Wheeler Insurance

Save upto 80% on Two Wheeler insurance

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Hurry up and insure your bike within only 3 minutes.

No inspection but just sheer convenience.

Two Wheeler Insurance

Enjoy a safe ride every time you step out on the road through the incredible Bike Insurance Plan by Aapkabima that offers you these features -

  • Owner cover worth INR 1 Lakh in case of Bike accident.
  • Complete coverage against financial hits caused by a stolen bike.
  • Pre-negotiated prices for the customers starting from INR 600.
  • A pre-settled discount of a maximum of 75%.

Compare & Choose Two Wheeler Insurance Online

Why is there a need for comparing online 2 wheeler insurance policies?

In case you are a passionate biker, needless to say that you love your bike and make sure that it does not get even a small scratch. Having said that, did you consider getting the best 2-wheeler insurance policy for your joy and pride? Never forget that not only it is compulsory by law but it also proves to be vital for keeping the vehicle secured from idiots on road. Do a thorough research on the Internet and conveniently compare several bike insurance policies online. This way, you will be able to take an informed decision and avoid the impulse buying as well.

It is imperative for a person to appropriately compare these policies before you invest your money in the right one.

Things to keep in mind While differentiating between Two Wheeler Insurance Policies

  • Type of Coverage (Comprehensive or Third Party Liability)
  • Insured Declared Value (IDV)
  • Premium
  • Add-on Covers
  • Cashless network garage list

Staggering advantages of finding the Bike Insurance Policies Online

  • Cost-effective
    Comparing the policies of topnotch 2 wheeler insurance companies online saves you a lot of bucks.

  • Get the best plan in no time
    Thanks to the Internet, now getting your hands on the best insurance plan does not require you to sweat it out in the market. Go online and the work is done!

  • Helps you in making an informed decision about IDV
    When you get your facts right and know about the several prices and IDV, there is nothing that can stop you from opting for the best policy.

  • Prevents you from impulse buying and acquiring the right add-on covers
    A complete online comparison between different policies ensures the fact that you do not choose any faulty policy and are benefitted from the most beneficial Add-on covers.

Benefits of Multi-Year Two Wheeler Insurance Plan:

Saves you from Service Tax

IRDA increases the premium’s third-party liability portion up to the limit of 20% annually. Through a Multi-Year 2-wheeler insurance plan, you are saved from this hike as well as the service tax.

Stress-free procedure

One-time renewal of your 2 wheeler insurance policy for the next 3 years definitely saves you from the trouble of renewing the same on a yearly basis.

Absolute financial protection

Ride happily and safely by enjoying your automobile’s long-term financial security for 3 years. Moreover, you also get a policy document that remains valid for the next 3 years.

Easy Cancellation policy

If you make the cancellation during the first year itself, you can conveniently get the refund of second as well as third-year premiums.

Attractive Discounts

You might also get lucky and enjoy appealing discounts on your Multi-year insurance plan. This way, it becomes really easy for a person to save bucks on the premiums.

Protection of accumulated No Claim Bonus

In case a person is eligible for 25% NCB, this is applied to his premium of all the 3 years.

Commercial Insurance

Save upto 80% on Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Insurance Company is required.
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Assuring the safety of your vehicle now made easier

Avail online bike insurance at flexible policies within 3 minutes!

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Hundreds of people are getting insurance for their commercial vehicles every day within a few minutes here at Aapkabima. One can claim insurance benefits for their bus, auto, taxi, car, and other vehicles that serve business purposes, through simple steps. They are relieved of hard and fast inspection and are facilitated with convenient indemnification of vehicles at reasonable rates.

Need for commercial vehicle insurance

Yes, it might be confusing at times to determine when the commercial vehicle insurance is required. Basically, in case your vehicle is used in the tasks associated to operator’s business, profession, or occupation, then you must go for the commercial vehicle insurance.

Purchasing commercial vehicle insurance is relevant for the protection of your property during an accident. This will assure that product and people, and your vehicle itself, stays safe from any unpredictable danger on the road.

In simple terms, a person might need this type of insurance if

  • He is using his vehicle for transporting people or goods for a payment
  • He needs higher limits of the liability due to the nature of his work
  • He uses his vehicle for conducting the service
  • Employees are operating the vehicle or in case ownership is in name of partnership or a corporation
  • He is hauling the considerable weight in equipment or tools or towing the trailer for conducting your business

Conditions under which you get coverage for your commercial vehicle

Aapkabima provides overall coverage for the commercial vehicles under the following circumstances

  • Loss or impairment of the commercial vehicle as a result of natural or manmade catastrophes, such as –
    Accidents, theft, fire, lightning and storm, earthquakes, floods, riots, curfews, terrorism, and other malevolent incidents.
  • Personal injury caused to the vehicle owner as a result of an unfortunate vehicle accident.
  • Third party injury caused to the employed driver, or passengers of the commercial vehicle as a result of an unfortunate accident.

On the other hand, this insurance company provides comprehensive coverage for the vehicles under the following circumstances -

  • Expenses incurred as a result of towing and labor cost.
  • Loading and unloading liability
  • Third party vehicle or property damage

Services under Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Aapkabima provides commercial vehicle insurance to its customers against any loss or damage involved during its time of service. The services rendered under this scheme are

  • Owner covers up to 1 Lakh in case of a vehicle accident.
  • Discount up to 75% against the insurance policy.
  • Financial security against the stolen vehicle.

Benefits of getting commercial vehicle insurance online

Aapkabima offers a set of advantages to its customers when they avail themselves of commercial vehicle insurance at subsidized rates and customer-friendly policies. The customers are relieved of the additional stress of managing unfortunate liabilities related to vehicles since they are now guaranteed to be covered up by the company. Additional benefits regarding the negotiation of discounted rates are provided to the owners who avail insurance for their vehicles in a bulk.

Top Vehicle Insurance Providers in India

These are the most popular companies providing Commercial Vehicle Insurance:

  • Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance
  • New India Assurance Two Wheeler
  • Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance
  • HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance
  • IFFCO Tokio Two Wheeler Insurance
  • United India Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Kotak Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Universal Sompo Two Wheeler Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Customers while purchasing a particular insurance policy as quite apprehensive. Following are the most common queries of customers answered:

  • What is cashless and non-cashless / reimbursement claim?
    In case of a Cashless Claim policy, the insurer settles the payment on behalf of the insured. The insured is thus relieved from incurring the expenses himself. However, in case of a Non-Cashless / Reimbursement Claim, the insured needs to first settle all the expenses himself first and then reimburse his expenses from his insurance service provider.

  • Will an insurance company reduce the premium if I install an anti-theft device?
    In case of a Cashless Claim policy, the insurer settles the payment on behalf of the insured. The insured is thus relieved from incurring the expenses himself. However, in case of a Non-Cashless / Reimbursement Claim, the insured needs to first settle all the expenses himself first and then reimburse his expenses from his insurance service provider.

  • Should a person buy the commercial vehicle insurance policy online or offline?
    Online insurance policies are hassle-free and inexpensive compared to offline ones. One can get multiple choices of payment and other additional benefits via the online purchase of insurance policy. However, it is always advised to compare two or more insurance schemes with the help of a good policy agent before considering to purchase the ideal one with his help.

Health Insurance

Save upto 80% on Health insurance

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Health Insurance

Owing to the rise in medical inflation and lifestyle diseases in the country every year, the need for getting decent health insurance is inevitable. Now that you are at Aapkabima, you can undoubtedly stay assured of getting your hands on the most perfect health insurance plan in a hassle-free manner.

Features of our wonderful health insurance policy

  • Pre-negotiated prices for the clients beginning from INR 600.
  • A pre-settled discount of a maximum of 75%.
  • The health insurance policies at Aapkabima also offer special benefits to the clients.
  • Specifically drafted wellness plans which appreciate and rewards you for staying fit.

What is Health Insurance?

Factors to keep in mind

In its most basic form, health Insurance partially or fully covers the surgical and medical expenses of an individual. The financial trouble over the health trouble is actually unbearable for a person with an average monthly income. Thus, getting the best health insurance policy as early as possible could reduce your tension on your healthcare at an old age as well as offer you the much-needed sense of relief.

Normally, you are provided with 2 health insurance plans

  • Primary Health Plan – This accounts for the hospital expenditures which a person might have to face in a situation of day-care processes, accidents, critical illnesses or surgical treatments, etc. But the sum assured, limits, and features will vary in case of different insurers.
  • Super Top-up Health Plan – Just like the top-up plans for your Mobile, supplementary coverage is added to an existing health plan in this case. The focus is on increasing the overall sum assured along with the corresponding coverage via the payment of a fairly lower premium.

Benefits of Health Insurance Plans

Here is the list of some reasons to specify the need for a person to get a perfect health insurance plan

  • Life is quite uncertain and you might suffer from severe health issues anytime, so it is highly recommended to diminish the financial burden and opt for the right health insurance policy. This way, it becomes really easy for a person to arrange the finances at a short notice or even without one.
  • You always remain well-prepared for any capital issues in advance, irrespective of the hospitalization and medical expenses’ elevated prices.
  • Advancement in medical technology has made the treatment of serious and complicated ailments possible through expensive medication and critical procedures. But in order to afford all that, you should have the right health insurance plan.
  • The cashless facility provided by the insurance companies at the network hospitals saves the insured from the hassle of making hefty payments.
  • It becomes easy for the insured to only focus on quick recovery while the expenses are taken care of by the insurance companies.

Secure finances and health : When it comes to medical expenditures, the price index is definitely at its peak. Majority of the population is dependent on the savings or borrowing money for funding the treatment. The cost-effective health insurance plan at Aapkabima is designed in a way that your savings do not dwindle. Along with medical reimbursement and cashless treatment, emergency ambulance cover is also provided during the entire period of your hospital stay.

Additional protection above and over the employer cover : A lot of firms cover the employees with the group insurance plan. But, these policies are not custom-made as per the requirements of each and every individual. Moreover, you might be left uninsured if you lose the job or there is a change in your employment. For protecting yourself from any such situation, buying a decent health cover individually is indeed a great option to go for.

Free Health Checkup : One of the major benefits of the health insurance policies is that they offer you frequent health checkups after every 4/5 claim-free years. The insurers provide you with cashless health checkup in case tests are conducted at the empanelled centers or hospitals.

Cost of Medical Treatment

There is no denying the fact that in India, Health Insurance comes under the category of the most rapidly growing industries. In order to keep both your money and health secured, the relevance of having a decent health Insurance plan in the country seems to be the most obvious necessity.

As per various studies, the inflation rate in the medical industry is definitely going to get enhanced over time which means that the related expenses will also reach its peak. For solving this problem, various insurance companies have created many health insurance policies available at an inexpensive premium rate. This makes attaining healthcare facilities affordable and accessible for all.

Health Insurance Claim Process

Health Insurance claims can easily be made by 2 methods – Reimbursement claim process and cashless claim process

  • Cashless Claim Process - The insured needs to be treated in a hospital that comes under the network of those hospitals which the insurance provider has an affiliation with so as to get benefitted from the Cashless Claim Process. He/She can get an advantage of hospitalization and cashless treatment by showcasing his/her details of the policy, e-card, or Insurance’s any physical proof. You can only avail this facility if the illness or injury is covered in the policy. On your discharge, the hospital sends all medical bills to the insurance provider. After evaluation of the expenses, payment gets settled.
  • Reimbursement Claim Process - Health Insurance firms also compensate up to the insured sum, the amount that an insurer initially pays in terms of accidents or illness. This normally happens when a patient gets treated or hospitalized in a hospital that does not come under the network of insurer’s hospitals. Then the insured needs to pay the treatment’s cost completely on his own and submit bills to the concerned insurance provider to settle the claim. Afterward, evaluation of the cost takes place by the company and as per policy coverage’s scope, reimburse of the amount is done. If the policy does not cover the treatment, claim instantly gets rejected.

    Below mentioned are some of the documents which are required to be submitted during this process

    • Completely filled the claim form
    • Medical form or certificate signed by the assigned Doctor
    • Original card or discharge summary of the patient, obtained from the hospital
    • Cash memos and prescription from the hospital/ pharmacies
    • Original receipts and bills
    • Investigation report
    • MGL i.e., Medico-Legal Certificate or FIR in case of an accident
Life Insurance
Coming Soon

Get a secured future with the right life insurance policy.

Insure your life and happiness with us.

Life Insurance

Enjoy the perfect blend of our life insurance policy – Attractive premium and surpassing car coverage.
Some jaw-dropping features of our Life Insurance policy

  • Owner cover up to the limit of 2 Lakhs in case of any Car accident.
  • Substantial coverage along with add-ons for the car as and the passengers.
  • The benefit of cashless claim settlement at approximately 3500 garages.
  • Acquire the pre-settled discount of a maximum of 75%.

Why it is Important to Buy Life Insurance Policy?

A convenient life insurance policy acts as a savior for any unforeseen danger related to your life, like disability, retirement, death, and accident etc. There is no denying the fact that life is quite unpredictable and that is why there is an urgent need for you to be ready for any mishappening. Be it the sudden death of a family’s primary breadwinner, or a financial crunch, life insurance policies are certainly the best option for a person to take help of. By opting for a suitable online policy, a person can easily offer complete monetary support to his/her family.

For calculating the sum assured of the life insurance policy, the two most important aspects to be considered by an insurer are the finances and lifestyle. This calculated sum is then offered to the family of the insured after he/she passes away so that it becomes easy for them to get the required financial help. It is suggested to invest your money in the most appropriate life insurance plan so that your family does not have to face any major money-related issues.

Decent life insurance by Aapkabima holds the potential of bringing a smile on the face of your loved ones as it provides

Financial Cushion

It offers the required monetary support to the family of the insured through the compensation for his/her income loss.

Debt-free future

An unexpected demise of a family’s sole breadwinner is like the catastrophe that not only breaks you emotionally but can also put the debt on your shoulders. During such a critical time, a beneficial life insurance policy can give you immense relief.

Accomplish your retirement goals

Choose an exceptional life insurance plan that permits you to achieve the retirement goals with sheer ease and comfort.

Mental Peace

The policyholder can easily enjoy a stress-free life and secure the future of his family by opting for the right life insurance policy online.

Manage your kid’s future expenses

Your Children’s future expenses are taken care of like the wedding expenditures or for their education.

Return on the Investment

There is a reason why life insurance policies produce better results than the other investment choices as most of the schemes provide you with great bonuses. Your money invested in the life insurance plan of Aapkabima is absolutely safe and covers the risks.

Types of Life Insurance Policies

Today, an individual has the freedom of choosing from a wide variety of life insurance policies as per his needs and preferences. The types of a life insurance plan can be categorized in terms of consumer segment they are catering to like term insurance, whole life policies, and endowment policies etc.

  • Life Insurance
    It is the contract that is based upon mutual trust. Life insurance plan promises to offer the lump sum amount to policyholder’s nominees if the former one dies. It gives you the guarantee that the required funds will be offered to dependents for the financially independent life.
  • Term Insurance Policies
    It is the easiest form of a life insurance plan. Not only it is simple but is also affordable to be bought by anyone. The term insurance plan offers death risk cover for the defined period. If the death of the life assured takes place during a policy period, a life insurance company pays a death benefit to the nominee. The pure risk cover plan provides you with high coverage at quite low premiums.
  • Unit-linked insurance plan
    It is an inclusive combination of investment and insurance. Premium paid towards a unit-linked insurance plan is partly used in the form of risk cover (insurance) as well as the other half is invested in the funds. As per your risk appetite, you can invest in the different funds provided by an insurance company. Then, the company invests accumulated amount in the capital market i.e., in equities, bonds, the hybrid funds, and market funds etc.
  • Whole life policies
    Unlike the other policies which expire at the end of a specific time period, Whole life policy gets extended up to the insured’s whole life. It also offers survival benefit to an insured. In this case, the policyholder has the option of partially withdrawing the insured sum or borrowing sum against the policy.
  • Money back policies
    This is a special type of life insurance plan in which the percentage of sum assured is paid back to insured on regular intervals as the survival benefit. These policies are also eligible for receiving bonuses declared by the insurance company during frequent intervals.
  • Endowment policies
    Another major type of life insurance plan, endowment policies are a mix of saving and insurance. A definite amount is kept for the life cover – insurance, and the remaining is invested by a life insurance company. In this type of plan, in case the life assured outlives the policy term, the insurance company provides him with the maturity benefit.